What to Avoid in Your Diet When You Have Rosacea?

October 08, 2017

What to Avoid in Your Diet When You Have Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects most fair skin adults from the age of 30. It is commonly confused with acne since the symptoms appear similar but they have their differences. Rosacea starts with red cheeks,forehead, nose and chin and it spreads out into the neck and chest as it progresses “rosacea diet”.
Severe rosacea is characterized by dilated blood vessels, which are visible on the skin as they flare up and get very irritable. It results in a thickened skin around the nose that appears lumpy and it may spread to the eyes making them red and watery.

Rosacea has no definite cure since it keeps recurring from time to time. This is because the blood vessels are inflamed due to certain triggers and they make them irritable. Rosacea medication only reduces the effects and makes the patient comfortable, but it does not remove the condition completely.
Many factors including harsh weather, allergies, food, stress, drugs and a change in residence trigger rosacea. It can also be triggered by medical conditions such as flushing, chronic coughing, menopause and pregnancy.

You can prevent rosacea from recurring if you stay away from the triggering factors. In most cases, it is triggered by certain food you eat and if you come up with a diet plan, avoid the foods, and take up a diet for rosacea, you are at a better chance of reducing the effects.

Some common foods that you eat contain elements that flare up the blood vessels and hence they trigger the rosacea. This is because rosacea is mostly triggered by having too much acid in the blood stream that causes the dilation and inflammation of blood vessels.
Some foods have elements that are notorious for making the rosacea recur in the body thus they should be avoided “rosacea diet”. These include spicy food, foods that contain yeast, liver, red meats, broad leaf beans and pods, citrus fruits, soy sauce, vanilla, cheese, vinegar, avocado, chocolate and foods that are high in histamine.
However, cottage cheese and bread are good for you since they do not trigger the condition.

Foods that are high in histamine are a major trigger for rosacea and are not a part of the rosacea diet. These include all fermented foods, cheese, yogurt and buttermilk, foods with artificial food color and acidic additives and preservatives. You should also avoid all foods made with bleached flour, cinnamon, curry, anise, commercial pastries, baking mixes, packed rice and pasta, grains, margarine, restricted fruit and dry dessert mixes.

Stay away from beverages that will get absorbed in your blood vessels and they end up inflaming them. This includes alcoholic drinks, hot drinks, fermented drinks, citrus drinks, drinks with bleach water or preservatives, caffeinated drinks, cider, tea and cocoa.

Most importantly, stay away from all kinds of stimulants like any kind of drugs, nicotine, and alcohol and others since they cause irritation of the skin cells. Your skin is the biggest organ in your whole body so by avoiding the above foods, you will be giving better protection to the rest of your body and you will be more comfortable.

In addition, avoiding these foods and adopting the ocular rosacea diet will lead to treating the most severe skin diseases as well as Ocular Rosacea.

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