Natural Treatment For Healling Rosacea

October 03, 2017

Natural Treatment For Healling Rosacea

Rosacea can be a very uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. There are many treatments available, but since it is a “”sensitive”” skin condition, it should be treated naturally with a natural treatment that is easy and can be done at home.
Rosacea symptoms consist of redness on the cheeks and chin. Rarely the forehead is involved but there can also be red patches on the nose. If the condition persists and is untreated, it can lead to pustules on the nose and other parts of the face. So it is best to have this addressed as soon as symptoms are noted.

There Are Four Way For Healing Rosacea

  1. Cool The Skin Rosacea Treatment
  2. Prevention For Rosacea Treatment
  3. Use Sunscreen Rosacea Treatment
  4. Oatmeal Mask For Rosacea Treatment

Cool The Skin Rosacea Treatment

One natural treatment for rosacea that can be do neat home is to cool the skin. This can be done with cool compresses applied to the face. The compresses can consist of ice wrapped in a washcloth or just a cool washcloth. Place this on the cheeks for about 5 minutes each. This should ease the symptoms and provide relief in the short term. 

Another way to cool the body is to apply ice to the inside of the wrists. This consists of cooling the whole body in a very quick manner. Some people have also had good luck with using witch hazel applied with a cotton ball to the affected areas. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory ingredients which would help with rosacea.

Cool The Skin Rosacea Treatment

Prevention For Rosacea Treatment

Another natural treatment for rosacea is in prevention. Each person has different triggers that set off their rosacea. The key is to determine what affects you and to avoid those triggers. Some of the things that can set off a rosacea flair are: caffeine, liquors of different types–particularly champagne and red wine, a very warm room, vigorous exercise, and chocolate. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid these altogether, just use moderation. If you see or feel your face getting warm, it is time to back off. Make up can help cover up some of the rosacea. This might make you feel more comfortable when going out.

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Use Sunscreen Rosacea Treatment

Another huge trigger for rosacea is the sun. Anyone who does not use sunscreen is almost guaranteed a flair. It is just common sense to wear sunscreen every day anyway and if you have rosacea that is another important reason.

Rosacea can also be helped by other substances like hydro cortisone cream. This however may not be as good as a natural treatment. Hydro cortisone cream thins the skin and use of it must be limited. You could use a natural treatment like a cool washcloth many times a day and not feel as if you are harming your skin.

Use Sunscreen Rosacea Treatment

Oatmeal Mask For Rosacea Treatment

Still another treatment for rosacea is an oatmeal mask. Oatmeal has some very “”calming”” qualities for the skin. It should be natural and applied only for a few minutes. This will help calm the skin and take away any redness for a while. It is a good idea to do this before bed so the skin can rest from any treatment overnight.

Finally any type of petroleum jelly can also work for some people. It is very soothing and has many natural ingredients. It can be considered a natural at home treatment for rosacea.

Rosacea is a very tricky condition to treat and natural at home treatments with natural ingredients are probably the most comfortable and most effective. You should not have to just “”live”” with rosacea. No one wants to worry about rosacea all of the time so some or all of these home remedies are worth trying.

Oatmeal Mask For Rosacea Treatment

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