Differences Between Acne and Rosacea

October 10, 2017

Differences Between Acne and Rosacea

Acne and rosacea are the most dreaded skin conditions especially by teenagers and women because they are stubborn and damaging once they attack the skin. Most people do not know the difference between rosacea and acne since they have many similarities.

Acne Or Rosacea

The two are different skin diseases although rosacea is commonly known as adult acne rosacea, since it is more common in adults than in teenagers. Acne is mostly found in teenagers, and unlike rosacea patients, they outgrow it towards the end of their teen years.

It is important to know their difference so that you can get the best acne and rosacea treatments, since you will end up with in comprehensive results. The following is a list of rosacea vs acne conditions:

The Cause

Acne is a result of overactive skin cells producing too much sebum that blocks the pores causing the break out. Bacteria that irritate the skin and cause the redness catalyze it. Rosacea is caused by dilation of skin vessels in the face causing a red flush.

For some people it is triggered by harsh weather, allergies, spicy food, stress, alcohol and heat.

The Appearance

Acne is common in teenagers and adolescents who are on the onset of puberty. It starts with blocked pores, which are very sensitive and irritable. They get worse by swelling, redness and inflammation and the swelling turns into pimples that have pus in them.

Some of the pimples burst and result in blackheads. They are commonly found on the forehead, the chin, nose and cheeks. Rare cases of acne affect the chest and the back too.

Rosacea on the other hand affects adults of age 30 and above. It begins with redness on the nose, cheeks, forehead and the chin and it flares op from time to time. It also spreads to the neck and chest with rare cases affecting the back.

It is painful and irritating and you can see the blood vessels as it advances and forms pimples and small bumps. Rosacea does not result in blackheads but it can irritate eyes and the skin appears thick and lumpy.

How To Treat It?

When you have acne, you are prescribed some antibiotics to reduce the bacteria infection. You are also treated with astringents, which are good for removing the excess oils in your skin. The other thing is a chemical that peels off the dead skin cells to allow your pores to open up. You can also get light and laser treatments and natural cleansing processes.

For rosacea, there is no permanent cure. All you do is get a relaxing ointment to reduce the effects but it cannot be cured. Some acne medicine is used to control the symptoms but once they are triggered they come back. For severe cases where the blood vessels become too visible, rosacea laser treatments are recommended to make them less visible.

Rosacea keeps recurring from time to time throughout adulthood, so it is important to know if you have it so that you do not keep getting acne medication as you wait for it to clear up.

It is therefore important to figure out whether what someone has is rosacea or acne, since this will help in the treatment procedure.

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