How To Apply Smokey Eye Shadow

September 24, 2017

How To Apply Smokey Eye Shadow

According to makeup professionals, smokey eye shadow makeup is considered as a popular evening look and has been making waves on the red carpets for years. To get the smokey eye shadow makeup look, it is very important that you stick with black, brown and gray eye shadow makeups instead of heading into blue territory “smokey eye tutorial for beginners”.

But if you must have some color on your face, you can use “smokey eye shadow” makeups that are as dark as possible. That way, the eye shadow makeup will appear to be black except for under close inspection and can still bring out your beautiful eye color. So here are the steps on how to properly apply smokey eye shadow makeup.

Things You Will Need When Applying Smokey Eye Shadow Makeup

  • Cream concealer or foundation makeup
  • Makeup sponge
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eye liner pencil
  • Cotton swab
  • Dark eye shadow makeup
  • Light eye shadow makeup (you can use ivory or gold eye shadow makeup)
  • Tissues
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara (use either jet black or dark brown)
  • Makeup remover

Steps On How To Apply Smokey Eye Shadow

1. The first step you will need to do is to apply cream concealer or foundation makeup to your eyelid and the area between your eyelid and eyebrow.

To do so, use makeup sponge and dab a small amount of cream concealer or foundation makeup. This step is very important so that your “smokey eye shadow” makeup can go on smoothly.

2. After that, you will need to line your eyes with a dark eye liner by using your eye liner pencil to outline the skin directly above your top eyelashes.

How To Apply Smokey Eye Shadow

It is very important to close your eye when doing this step, gently apply the pencil eye liner in between your lower eyelashes to give them the dark look without being too overpowering. You also need to use a cotton swab to blend the color into your skin.

3. The third procedure to do is to apply your eye shadow makeup using your eye makeup brush. You have to cover your entire eyelid, all the way up to your crease between the eyelid and your brow bone.

Always use a tissue, cotton swab or a sponge to blend the color, pushing it upward toward your brow. Remember to stop about a quarter inch below your actual eyebrow or you will lose all definition in your face.

4.The next step is to add a lighter shade of powder eye shadow makeup (you can use ivory or gold eye shadow makeup) right on top of your brown bone to further define the space between your eye shadow makeup and your eyebrow.

After that, curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler and cover it with a dark mascara (you can use either a jet black or dark brown mascara). Remember to let the first coat dry and then apply the second coat. You can also consider using false eyelashes.

5. And lastly, check the results of your smokey eye shadow makeup in the mirror. If you are happy with the results, repeat the steps one through four for the other eye. If not, wash your face using a makeup remover and try applying smokey eye shadow makeup again.

Additional Tips And Warnings On How To Apply Smokey Eye Shadow Makeup

  • Always keep in mind that it is easier to apply more eye shadow makeup if you do not have enough on than to take it off and start all over again. It is very important to wash and dry your face before you get started. You do not want oil and dirt trapped underneath your heavy smokey eye makeup.
  • It is very important to give yourself some extra time the first time you apply smokey eye shadow makeup in order to achieve your desired look. Remember that it will get easier with lots of practice.
  • And lastly, reserve the smokey eye makeup look for going out at night. According to makeup professionals, smokey eye makeup is too dramatic for a daytime look and definitely not appropriate for wearing to the office.

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