How To Apply Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

September 23, 2017

How To Apply Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

Asian women typically have smaller eyes, that are almond-shaped and brown. So it is very important to know how to apply proper eye makeup for their Asian eyes. However, this does not apply to all Asians, but the majority have variations of these eye characteristics.

For example, some Asian girls have less hooded eyes while others have round eyes. The eye makeup usually applied “Asian makeup techniques” on girls with Asian eyes is not the same from that applied on girls with Caucasian eyes because of the difference in their eye shape.

Applying proper eye makeup on Asian eyes often involves using an eye shadow, eye liner and mascara to give more emphasis on the eye crease and make the eyes look bigger and make them stand out. So here are some tips on how to properly apply eye makeup to Asian eyes.

Things You Will Need While Applying Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

  • Black mascara
  • Cotton balls
  • Concealer
  • Dark colored eye liner
  • Eye shadow blending brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Eye shadow (neutral shimmers is recommended)
  • Makeup remover
  • Moisturizing or eye firming cream

Tips On How To Properly Apply Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

1. The first thing you need to do is to gently wash your face. It is very important to take off any previous makeup using a makeup remover and cotton ball.

2. The second thing you need to do is to moisturize the eye area (the lids, corners and under eye areas) using a moisturizing or firming eye cream.

3. The third thing you need to do is to apply a concealer. You can do this step by gently applying the concealer makeup using your ring finger, to the under eye area and on your eye lids. This will help your eye makeup stay longer.

How To Apply Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

You will need to wait for about a minute to dry the concealer. You also need to make sure that the concealer you are using matches your skin color and is not too light or dark. Your best bet is to go to a makeup counter and ask help by testing different shades of concealer until you find the one that is right for your skin tone.

4. The fourth step is to apply a neutral shimmery shade to the eye lids by using an eye shadow makeup brush and gently tapping onto the lid. The neutral shimmer highlights the Asian eyes, that make them stand out.

You have to remember that using dark shades of eye shadow will make your Asian eyes look smaller. The tapping of the eye makeup helps the color to build on top of each other. You can also highlight your brow bone using an eye shadow shade just a tad lighter than the one used on your eye lids. Blend it well using the eye shadow blending brush, so the colors will look soft and not separated.

How To Apply Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

5. The next thing you need to do is to apply an eye liner (you can choose from black, dark brown, or plum eye liners) to the top of the lids by using small strokes and smudging together using your finger so the line does not look too harsh.

6. And lastly, you need to apply mascara. Mascara really opens up the eye, especially if you have small Asian eyes. You may want to apply two to three coats with drying time in between to get the stand out effect.

Additional Tips And Warnings While Applying Eye Makeup To Asian Eyes

Some Asian girls have very sensitive eyes or wear contacts. You just need to make sure that the eye makeup you are going to use is hypoallergenic and is dermatologist tested.

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