Best Way Remove Waterproof Mascara From Eyes

August 14, 2017

Best Way Remove Waterproof Mascara From Eyes
Best Way Remove Waterproof Mascara From Eyes

Remove Mascara Waterproof From Eyes

Contrary to popular belief, waterproof mascara is not bad for your eyes. Actually, you can get waterproof mascara with SPF effects. The old fashion method of removing waterproof mascara is using baby oil and a cotton ball.

However, this method may cause eye damage. The petroleum in the baby oil is damaging to the eyes. Instead, use olive oil. Dab some oil on clean cotton ball and place it over your lashes (eyes closed). Hold it for about 30 seconds to allow the oil to break up the makeup.

The lipids in the oil will act as a detergent and dissolve/break up the pigment. Gently wipe your lashes clean.

The Good and Bad Of Waterproof Eye Makeup

Many women opt to use waterproof makeup. They may be spending some extra time outdoors, going on vacation, attending a dear friend’s wedding (the tears do tend to roll!) or just prefer something that’s completely budge-proof and reliable.

Choose The Right Waterproof Mascara Remover

There are plenty of "waterproof makeup removers" on the market, but some definitely perform better than others.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to any type of makeup remover, so it’s always wise to test a few out until you land on the one that best suits your Skin Care Tips.
Here are a few that work well in removing even the most stubborn waterproof cosmetics.
Items Needed

Baby Oil

Baby oil works wonders on any make up.. it doesn't hurt like alcohol does, and its much much cheaper than makeup remover.

Daily Cleanser

I rub it into my eye area with my eyes closed (it’s a wonderful moisturizer for that region) and wipe it off with a tissue.
Just wipe as much as you need to to get the smears off.


Always remove eye makeup first as some of these makeup products are extended wear. Water alone cannot remove any traces.

Buy specific eye makeup remover; and with the help of cotton ball or wash cloth gently cleanse the eyes and area under the eyebrow.

Need Toner

Many ladies use toner because they feel it eliminates all traces of dust, oil, and makeup, though, most beauty specialists agree that toners are useless.

Most cleansers these days do a great job of removing all the muck from even the heaviest of your makeup days.

Apply moisturizer to a cotton swab or cotton ball if you don’t have makeup remover available. A thick, creamy moisturizer works best. Use as little as possible to get the job done.

Choose waterproof mascara for future use. Waterproof mascaras often claim to be smudge-proof as well. They’re a bit harder to remove but the extended wear they give is worth it.

Do not use eye makeup remover to remove face makeup, particularly if you have oily skin. This may cause breakouts.

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